Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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Claudia is a kinky girl that loves to tease the boys with her panties. Her favorite kind of panties is anything "cute". She likes pink ones, and especially ones with flowers on them. She's never done a pantyjob before, but she's pretty excited to get started! Claudia has a beautiful butt, and a natural pair of boobs, which she loves to squeeze around a nice hard cock. Enough talking, let's check out Claudia's very first pantyjob! Enjoy guys.
Now here's a girl with an honest-to-god panty fetish. Samantha came prepared with a huge selection of panties that she just went shopping for. After showing us her new collection of panties, she recalls hanging out with her girlfriends and comparing pussies and panties and learning just how different each one can be. Samantha loves to tease the boys, showing off her panties any chance she gets. Play this girl right, and she'll show you just how naughty she can get. Remember guys, all girls that love to tease, also love to get naughty. Enjoy the pantyjob!

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